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We offer multi-sector bid writing services to help companies win contracts. Whether you are looking for full bid management and writing services, an additional bid writer to support you, or someone to review your bid prior to submission, we are here to help.

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Why choose Moc Digital to support you with your bid writing?

Our bid writers are experts at responding to complex, high-value contracts in multiple sectors, from construction to healthcare, in the UK and abroad.

Our outsider’s perspective on your offer, our support, and our attention to detail will increase your chances of success.

Flexible rates

We offer the flexibility of daily or hourly rates, making it easier for your team to fit the bid proposal around your daily business as well as your budget.

Creative design

We offer creative design services (proposal layout, cover page design, text formatting, graphics & icons), to make your proposal more engaging and draw the buyers attention to your win themes.

We will increase your chance of winning

We will help you identify your unique selling points (USPs) and work to make your bid the best it can be.

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The bid writing process
- step by step

Our bid writers can support you with all the stages of the bid writing process or anything in between.



We begin by breaking down the procurement documents to clearly identify all the elements and information required.

win themes

Kick-off meeting
Win strategy development

During the kick-off meeting we put everything in place to get the bid off to a good start.

We'll be talking about the client, the competition and doing a SWOT analysis to identify your USPs (unique selling points) and define those all-important win themes.

We'll also do a page turning of the tender documents for the team's global understanding of the project and outline how the win themes will be incorporated into each section of the response.

bid planning

Kick-off meeting part 2
Bid planning

Next we move onto the planning phase to keep your project on track and ensure your bid is submitted on time.

This involves mapping out a timeline and assigning who is responsible for each of the deliverables as well as all the other elements required for submission (e.g. executive summary, graphics etc).

Each team member will have the opportunity to raise any concerns related to their allocated sections/ questions with the team.

The type of support from our bid writing team will also be discussed and agreed.

bid writing step 4

Bid writing

Collaboration is key to success here. Our bid writers work closely with each of the assigned team members to gather the information required to write (or re-write), review and edit the responses or the different sections of the bid.

red team

Red team review

Time to get out the red pen! The red team review is a page-turning of the final document with two or three members of your team to discuss and make any final amendments before submission.

proof reading

Final Proof-reading

Your bid writer will do one last final proof-reading before submission to make sure your bid is error-free.

next steps

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More than just bid writers

In addition to bid writing services, we also provide content writing and digital marketing services to help our customers grow and develop their business online.

SEO services

Would you like to improve your online performance? We offer search engine optimisation services for English and French websites.

Content & Copywriting

In addition to bid writing, we also offer content and copy writing services. Do you need help finding those winning words?

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