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In the competitive bidding world, the path to success is challenging and demanding with tight deadlines and high expectations. Exceeding the compliance requirements and securing contracts requires expertise. This is where our team can help. 


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Bid writing services for multiple sectors

We support companies of all sizes and across multiple sectors. Our expert team can handle the entire bid writing process, or provide support when needed. We will ensure your submissions are compelling and persuasive. We work with business across variable sectors including construction, facilities management, communication & media services, health sector, and charity grant & funding applications.


The bid writing process - step by step



We begin by breaking down the procurement documents to clearly identify all the elements and information required.

win themes

Kick-off meeting
Win strategy development

During this meeting we put everything in place to get the bid off to a good start. We discuss the client, the competition and perform a SWOT analysis to define your unique selling points (USPs) and win themes.

bid planning

Bid planning

Moving into the planning phase, we create a timeline and assign responsibilities for each of the deliverables, ensuring that your bid stays on track.

bid writing step 4

Bid writing

Collaboration is key. Our bid writers work closely with your team to gather information, write, review and edit the bid response.

red team

Red team review

Time to get out the red pen! We conduct a page-turning review with your team to discuss and make final amendments before submission.

proof reading

Final Proof-reading

Before submission, your bid writer conducts a final proofreading to ensure your bid is consistent and error-free.

Why choose Moc Digital to support you with your bid writing?

At Moc Digital, we thrive on helping businesses and organisations succeed.  We offer flexible daily or hourly rates, creative design services to make your proposal engaging, and support in identifying your USPs to increase your chances of successOur team’s professionalism, creativity and experience will transform your proposal into a compelling, persuasive response. 

Flexible rates

We offer the flexibility of daily or hourly rates, making it easier for your team to fit the bid proposal around your daily business as well as your budget.

Creative design

We offer creative design services (proposal layout, cover page design, text formatting, graphics & icons), to make your proposal more engaging and draw the buyers attention to your win themes.

We will increase your chance of winning

We will help you identify your unique selling points (USPs) and work to make your bid the best it can be.

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In addition to bid writing services, we also provide content writing and digital marketing services to help our customers grow and develop their business online.

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