Digital transformation in 2022: 10 ways your business can perform better this year

Your digital transformation is no longer a mere bullet point on your business plan, nor is it simply about going digital. Digital transformation in 2022 is about analysing and re-inventing the way you do business. We’ve put together our top 10 ways you can help your business perform better in 2022.

Digital transformation in 2022: 10 ways your business can perform better this year :

1. Adopt a customer-focused strategy.

Ensure everything you do, create, and communicate is for the benefit of your target customer.

2. Pick strategic partners.

Create a win-win partnership with complementary businesses.

3. Hire our outsource a digital marketing team (like us at Moc Digital).

Hiring a digital marketing team is a big investment. The most cost effective solution, particularly for smaller businesses is to totally outsource your digital marketing department.

4. Use data analytics to make data-driven decisions.

Data analytics is essential in order to understand how your customers think and behave. Use the data to make informed decisions and target your marketing campaigns.

5. Invest in your team.

Make sure your whole team are on the same page and invest in training to keep their (digital) skills up-to-date. Businesses that invest in their employees skills emerge stronger and employees will be thankful for this too. Win-win!

6. Create a hybrid/remote work structure.

Employee expectations have evolved forcing businesses to offer more flexibility in order to retain talent. With this comes the advantage of being able to source candidates from further afield or even on the other side of the world. However, it is important to plan your hybrid work structure carefully – don’t be tempted to re-use the emergency measures set-up during the Covid-19 lockdown without reviewing them. This includes ensuring that employees have a suitable place to work, with a secure internet connection, training and any necessary IT support to ensure productivity.

7. Create an agile workplace.

It’s about concentrating on customer-focused solutions and working flexibly as a team to achieve them.

8. Recognise opportunities for growth.

Don’t be afraid to change your business model. Rethink your channels to market. Maybe it’s time to take your business global ?

9. Create new offerings for your customers.

A crisis creates new ways of seeing and thinking and innovation is often created from necessity.

10. Set up a plan B for absent employees.

Times are uncertain but you need to be ready for anything! Contact freelancers and agencies who can fill in when you are short staffed or train up other colleagues to fill in if needed so your business doesn’t suffer.

Is your business prepared for this year’s new challenges?

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