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Moc Digital - audiovisual translation services

Transcription, Subtitling and video strategy

Moc Digital offers transcription, subtitling and video marketing strategy services. Contact our experts for a free quote or to discuss your project. 


We put audio files into words. We create subtitles for all your marketing videos. We can show you how to climb the ranks in Google with your videos. 

Subtitling and transcription services for all your audiovisual content

video marketing

Our subtitling and transcription services include:

  • Silent videos for the social media
  • Adverts
  • YouTube tutorials
  • Product demos 
  • Distance learning 
  • Customer testimonial videos 
  • Behind the scenes videos of your company

Our audiovisual services


Written transcription of your audio and video recordings into text.


Subtitling of your marketing videos. 

Video Marketing

We can show you how to unleash the power of video. 

Three reasons to subtitle your videos

To connect with a wider audience

Adding subtitles allows you to share your videos with a wider audience, including people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Subtitles can also be useful for viewers who speak another language.

To climb the ranks in Google

Transcripts and subtitles allow the search engines to read everything that is said. This helps you gain more views, increase engagement rates and climb up the ranks in search results.

Because we watch social media videos without sound

Adding captions to your social media videos captures your audience’s attention, even when the video is on mute.

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